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Pet-Friendly Perfection

a brown dog with his tongue out on a green background at The Courtyards of Chanticleer, VA 23451

The Courtyards of Chanticleer Apartments
Unleash Pet-Friendly Living

At the Courtyards of Chanticleer, our commitment to being a pet-friendly haven is unwavering. We recognize that pets are cherished members of the family, and to that end, we have eliminated breed restrictions, ensuring that all types of furry companions are welcomed with open arms. With a generous allowance of up to two pets per residence, residents have the joy of sharing their living space with their beloved pets without unnecessary limitations.

We understand that transparent and reasonable fees contribute to a positive living experience, so we offer a straightforward fee structure. Residents enjoy a monthly pet rent of $35 per pet, facilitating easy budgeting. Additionally, there is a one-time non-refundable pet fee of $350 for the first pet and $150 for the second, which helps maintain our pet-friendly amenities and ensures a welcoming community where both residents and their pets thrive. At the Courtyards of Chanticleer, we celebrate the bond between people and their pets, creating a living space that truly feels like home for everyone.

A Pet's Purr-adise

Amenities catered to your pet's lifestyle. Discover what our pet-friendly community with no breed restrictions has to offer!

 Gated Dog Park with Canine Agility Course
 Pet Waste Stations
 Pet Spa & Wash Station

a screenshot of a green background with a line of texts on it at The Courtyards of Chanticleer, VA 23451
Cat and Puppy at The Courtyards of Chanticleer, VA 23451
Woman Playing with a Dog at The Courtyards of Chanticleer, VA 23451

Ideally Located Close to Virginia Beach's Best Vets

 Owl Creek Veterinary Hospital | 3.5 miles
 Beach Pet Hospital | 2.3 miles
 Hilltop Veterinary Clinic | 1.0 mile
 Bay Beach Veterinary Hospital | 6.6 miles
 Coastal Vet | 2 miles